Accelerated Wound Healing

Wetling provides a ground-breaking medical device for wound and tissue healing. This patented technology, called ‘Wireless Micro Current Stimulation’ (WMCS), has extensive clinical evidence, and the Wetling W200 device has regulatory approval in Europe (CE marking as per MDD 93/42/EEC class IIa) as well as in several Asia Pacific markets.

WMCS typically reduce healing time of most wounds by 50-70% of that of standard care

Fast pain relief for patients

Contactless, non-invasive treatment

Reduced risk for infections

In short, WMCS considerably improves patient comfort and overall quality of life, while at the same time significantly reduce the ever-increasing costs associated with wound healing.

Area of Use

Some of the more common indications for use of WMCS includes

Chronic Wounds

The dramatic increase in Chronic Wounds (Venous Ulcers, Diabetic Ulcers, Pressure Ulcers etc), especially among the elderly, results in huge costs in health care. WMCS provides an unique opportunity to combat this epidemic, improve the quality of life for these patients and save significant cost for the overall health care
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WMCS provides exceptional results with Burn injuries. Visible results can typically be seen already after the first treatment.
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Surgical Wounds

The use of WMCS as a standard post-operative treatment after surgery reduce swelling, shorten healing time and reduce risk of permanent scars and/or pigmentation changes. Thus of great value for the patient, not only in relation to aesthetic surgery.
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