Non-invasive – There is no physical contact so it is pleasant for the client

Reduced risk of infection – There is no need to remove primary wound dressings

No need for use of conductive gels, unlike transitional micro current devices

Reduces inflammation – Improved patient comfort

Accelerated healing – Accelerated at almost half the time, it reduces the risk of
permanent scarring

Faster pain relief – Less need for pain medication after procedure

Easy to use – It saves time as treatment can be delivered by all clinical staff

Better result from clients post-procedure

Significant cost savings to clinic – Fewer client returns after procedure

Clinical Use

Wetling W200 has been clinically approved for use in the treatment of wounds,
especially where burns have occurred. W200 microcurrent technology also
rejuvenates the skin by producing collagen.

In aesthetics, its primary usage will be on customers who have controlled burns or
wounds from:

Laser resurfacing, cryogenic treatments, microneedling, chemical peels, plasma
energy treatments. The W200 can also treat acne scars, sun burns, post-
inflammatory hyperpigmentation, incisons subcisions and stiches

Laser resurfacing

Cryogenic treatments


Chemical Peels

Plasma energy treatments

The W200 can also treat:

  • Acne scars
  • Sunburn
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Incisions/subincisions and stitches


LED Light in Wetling W200

For a better patient experience, the Wetling W200 is equipped with three different wavelengths of LED lights with adjustable intensity (Red, Blue and Green LED lights).

Note: Wetling W200 does not make may medical claims on LED lights.